CIO2CMO2COO – Four Reasons I Joined Dialexa

IMG_1313Sorry for the long hiatus.  I am excited to announce (as many of you already know) that I officially accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer at Dialexa at the end of last month. So now I have moved from the technology role to marketing to my new role of helping define all the operations of the company including sales, marketing, development and service. CIO2CMO2COO…

Why did I decide on Dialexa over many of the other options that were in front of me for my next adventure? Here are four reasons:

  1. Technology: Dialexa spans several technologies and disciplines – deep UI and UX design understanding, a full electro-mechanical engineering practice, a full-stack development team that understands modern applications.  They span all platforms from mobile, web apps and IOT and are exploring and developing new products for drones, wearables, virtual reality, deep learning and big data.
  2. Vision: Dialexa has a true vision of a whole brain technology product development – the design and engineering of a product is treated as one whole thing without boundaries.  They use an well-honed agile method  for most development projects with each project having a dedicated team.  The designers, developers, management and customers act as one team and the products show that.
  3. Execution: We deliver. Period. We create products for our customers that users love.
  4. Culture: When you walk in the office you can feel the culture. It is palpable.  It is not fake or insincere, but a genuine love of creating new, beautiful, creative, functional technology that drives the company.

I have decided to keep the blog and its current branding, as CIO2CMO2COO is a little too long and doesn’t really keep the same original spirit of how CIO’s and CMO’s can better work together.  I want to continue to explore that topic as well as several others that Dialexa is touching: how do machines and humans interact and communicate in the future, where will the internet of humans and machines ultimately lead, what problems can deep learning and big data combined with ubiquitous cloud access solve?

I look forward to our continued adventure together!